No longer how, but when.

No longer how, but when.
No longer how, but when. No long when, but why.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Edward P. Morgan – Herbert Kaplow Commentaries – August 6-7, 1974 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

As speculation reached fever-pitch on this August 7th, 1974, over whether or not Richard Nixon would resign or go through the impeachment process, commentators and news analysts went into overdrive dissecting, mulling, observing and guessing what the outcome would be over the next few days.

Most everyone expressed shock. Many expressed anger and some just wanted the circus to be over.

One of the biggest points to be made in this dramatic soul-search was the painful truth the President lied. And lied repeatedly, over what he knew and when he knew it. It was, if anything, the enormous betrayal the American people felt that, if you can’t trust your own President to be truthful to you, who can you trust?

It had all the makings of the Great National Nervous Breakdown. One which, I’m afraid, America has never really recovered from.

What was gotten from all this was, Richard Nixon set a precedent – but it really had nothing to do with resigning. It had to do with violation of trust. And it never came back.

But on August 6th and 7th, while rumors were flying and every movement to and from the White House was cause for hours of guessing, here are two commentaries delivered by veteran newsmen of the day – Edward P. Morgan and Herbert Kaplow. Each giving their take on the events of this week in August, 1974.

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