808 State - the Eternal Technicolor Party continues

808 State - the Eternal Technicolor Party continues
808 State – The Eternal Technicolor Party continues

Click on the link here for Audio Player – 808 State Live at Kentish Town and Country Club – Feb. 24, 1993 – BBC 6 Music

Ending up a (mostly) Madchester week with a set by the legendary 808 State, live at Kentish Town and Country Club from February 24, 1993 and recorded by the venerable BBC 6 Music.

As was the case last night with A Guy Called Gerald, the Madchester scene was wildly diverse and an explosion of thoughts and ideas and changes in where Pop Music was going in the 1990s. It took aspects of Psychedelia, but also looked to Hip-Hop and Electronica as well as Indie for inspiration. Ironically, 808 State originally boasted Gerald (A Guy Called . . .) as a co-founding member.

So, you get an idea there was a lot going on in a relatively small part of the world – but it was influential and has carried on with so much music today.

808 State were truly a lot of musical ideas rolled up into one. And at the time they were pioneering in exploring all those ideas under one group.

They’re still together today. Still performing. Still recording.

But in case you were wondering what they were like early-on, especially during that eclectic revolution taking place in the early 90’s, here’s a chance to sample what they were up to.

Go with what you feel like and listen as loud as you want.

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