The investigation got nowhere fast.

Howard Hughes Testimony Abruptly Ends – Bombshells Of The Verbal Kind – August 11, 1947

The investigation got nowhere fast.

The investigation got nowhere fast.

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The big news for this August 11th in 1947 was the abrupt ending of the Senate Sub-committee Hearings on the wartime contracts of Howard Hughes.

The investigation as to where some $40 million in government contracts to Howard Hughes went took a turn to oblivion as Senator Homer Ferguson, one of the two leaders of the investigation abruptly ended the hearings, saying they would resume on November 17th. But it was clear from Hughes’ statement after the hearing’s end that the committee just didn’t have sufficient evidence to warrant a full-blown investigation and that it was perceived to be a giant waste of time and taxpayer money.

In other news; the Labour Party in Britain voted to approve Prime Minister Clement Atlee‘s decision to defer the Nationalization of that country’s Steel Industry – to postpone it until after Britain’s financial crisis was over. It was a narrow victory, winning by only 4 votes. But it was sufficient to bring about the withdrawal of a resolution which had demanded that the government take over the Steel Industry when Parliament reconvened for its next session in October.

The World and welcome to it – for August 11, 1947 as reported by Cedric Foster over Mutual.

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