FDR - Gen. MacArthur-Adm. Chester Nimitz. 1944 was the game changer.

FDR - Gen. MacArthur-Adm. Chester Nimitz. 1944 was the game changer.
FDRGen. MacArthur-Adm. Chester Nimitz. 1944 was the game changer.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – President Roosevelt Address at Puget Sound – August 12, 1944 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Ending up a four-week tour of the Pacific Theater of Operations, President Roosevelt arrived back in the U.S. and gave a quick rundown of the War in the Pacific to an enthusiastic crowd of some 8-10,000 Sailors and Navy Yard workers at Puget Sound on this August 12th in 1944.

The prognosis was good and much of what FDR had to say was about our victories throughout the area, but went on to advise everyone to continue the work as it was far from over.

 Pres. Roosevelt: “I am glad to have the opportunity of taking this short trip, first, for the conferences with General MacArthur and Admiral Nimitz and, second, for the first-hand view of certain bases that are of vital importance to the ending of the war and to the prevention in the future of any similar attack.

More than a million of our troops are today overseas in the Pacific. The war is well in hand in this vast area, but I cannot tell you, if I knew, when the war will be over, either in Europe or in the Far East or the war against Japan itself.

It will be over sooner if the people of this country will maintain the making of the necessary supplies of ships and planes and all the things that go with them. By so doing we shall hasten the day of the peace. By so doing we will save our own pocketbooks and those of our children. And by so doing we will stand a better chance of substantial unity not only at home but among the United Nations in laying so securely what we all want, the foundation of a lasting peace.”

Here is that complete address, as it was broadcast nationwide on August 12, 1944.


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