Talulah Gosh - primary movers and shakers of the Twee-Pop Movement.

Talulah Gosh - primary movers and shakers of the Twee-Pop Movement.
Talulah Gosh – primary movers and shakers of the Twee-Pop Movement.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Talulah Gosh – in session for John Peel – Dec. 29, 1987 – BBC Radio 1

You might be hard pressed to recall Talulah Gosh, unless you were a devotee of the short lived Twee-Pop Movement in the late 1980s.

But if you were in the States at the time, it’s a very good chance you’ve never heard of them. They were only together for less than 2 years, released about 6 singles, they didn’t have an album out, with the exception of a compilation issued long after they had broken up, and none of their singles made the charts, even in the UK.

But they were one of the leading bands of a movement, and its members went off to other bands and other pursuits. Most notably, lead singer Amelia Fletcher, who went off to become a celebrated economist, snagging an OBE (Order of The British Empire) earlier this year, and co-founder/Artist Elizabeth Price who won a Turner Prize in 2012 for her Video installations. So, it goes to show you there is often life after bands and the road has surprising turns.

Tonight though, it’s a session from Talulah Gosh midway through their tenure. Recorded by John Peel on December 27, 1987, Talulah Gosh offering what could probably be described as Sunshine Punk – but it was the 80s and most everyone was distancing themselves from Punk anything (for a while at least).

So here is something old/new – they are most likely new to you, some 27 years later.

Either way – enjoy. We’ll be digging up more goodies shortly.

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