Surveillance - Information databanks - domestic spying - crackdowns. Welcome to 1974.

‘We’re Well On Our Way To Becoming A Police State’ – 1974 – Past Daily Reference Room

Surveillance - Information databanks - domestic spying - crackdowns. Welcome to 1974.
Surveillance – Information databanks – domestic spying – crackdowns. Welcome to 1974.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – NBC Radio – Second Sunday – 1984 Minus 10 – February 1974 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

In 1974 the prospect of the world of 1984 as portrayed by George Orwell seemed more real than fantasy.

By 1974 we already had police surveillance, government spying on individuals, an erosion of rights, an out of control FBI, police departments routinely accused to brutality illegal search and seizure. A media more geared towards the whims of government than of useful information.

In short, in 1974 we were worried we had become the world of 1984 – a book that was written shortly after World War 2 where fear of an extremist takeover – not by violence, but by subtle coercion, had gradually over time eroded and made moot our democratic way of life without us hardly noticing.

So in 1974, hot on the aftermath of Watergate and explosive revelations about how not-above-board our government was, there began a focus on just what we were in the midst of losing, and just how much of George Orwell’s predictions were coming true.

Mind you – this is 1974 we’re talking about – not 2014. So bear in mind the fears and anxieties expressed are about a world 40 years ago.

Here is that broadcast documentary – 1984 Minus 10 as presented by NBC Radio as part of their Second Sunday Series in February 1974.

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