The times, they were a-changin'

The times, they were a-changin'
The times, they were a-changin’

Click on the link here for Audio Player – NBC Radio Special – Youth In A Changing World – March 9 ,1965 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

As happens with seemingly every generation, every generation preceding the current one expresses worry. What’s going on with this generation, are they equipped to handle the pressure? Are they motivated? What about their morals? Are they lazy and unmotivated? Is this going to be another lost generation?

The world was getting more complicated than it had been during the previous generation. Technology was racing ahead. We were heading on a crash course to the Moon. We were also on a potential crash course to extermination via Nuclear War. We were nervous, but we were also looking to change things.

So in 1965, NBC Radio ran a special discussion program; Youth In A Changing World. It boasted a wide cross section of youth from around the country as well as 36 countries around the world. Hosted by Youth Forum founder Dorothy Gordon it ‘s a discussion and, in many ways a comparison between youth in the U.S. and youth in the rest of the world in 1965.

A lot of misconceptions and some stereotypes. But an interesting and illuminating dialogue nonetheless on what people were going through in what became known as the Baby-Boom Generation.

Here is that 1-hour discussion and Q&A; Youth In A Changing World from February 1965.

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