Anna Calvi - fairly dominates the stage with no effort.

Anna Calvi - fairly dominates the stage with no effort.
Anna Calvi – fairly dominates the stage effortlessly.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Anna Calvi – In Concert at Route du Rock – August 16, 2014 – RFI/FIP

I am convinced there is something in the water at Saint Malo. This particular season of Route du Rock has been extraordinary. For the past three nights I’ve been posting concerts all playing within a day of each other and turning in milestone performances. Had I been there it might have been an overdose of an embarrassment of riches, but having the luxury of sitting back and taking each performance in, mulling it over and living with it for a day or two, this has been one incredible experience. I am hoping the audience came away feeling the same thing – the casual listener/fan has had more than their expectations blown – we were witness to artists seriously on to something.

Tonight it’s Anna Calvi, who I have run in concert earlier this year. But this set is astonishing. The sheer power and range of her voice is overwhelming – and I don’t want to be a spoiler, but wait until the last number to get an idea what I mean. Anna Calvi is truly amazing.

The band is totally top-notch. Everybody is on the top of their game during this show (at noon, no less), and it’s a complete pleasure to listen to, and listen to over again.

If you haven’t been introduced to Anna Calvi yet, this is an excellent place to start. But I would urge you to go after her other material to get the complete picture. There is always something several notches special about a live performance – the audience, the adrenalin, the vibe – all those things. This concert in particular, they were all working.

You have to play this loud.

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