Au Pairs - were not embraced by the mainstream, but influenced a lot of it in the 80s.

Au Pairs - were not embraced by the mainstream, but influenced a lot of it in the 80s.
Au Pairs – were not exactly embraced by the mainstream, but influenced a lot of it in the 80s.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Au Pairs – in session for John Peel – October 9, 1979 – BBC Radio 1

The Au Pairs were around for only a short time (1978-1983) and made very little dent outside the UK. Even though they were well received by critics and had strong support from the Press in the U.S. and UK. But they weren’t embraced by the mainstream record buying public at home. They were influential on a lot of levels – in the Post-Punk era, during the period of Feminism in Rock, they challenged pre-conceived notions of gender politics, and they became pioneers in gender equality in bands. As you may notice now, bands have become more democratic and collaborative, regardless of gender. Much of that is due, in no small part to bands like Au Pairs breaking through stereotypes.

But because they weren’t together that long, with personnel changes and eventually dissolving in 1983, they only managed to record two albums and issue three singles.

Tonight it’s a 1979 session for John Peel – recorded on October 9, 1979, and is great introduction to the band if you aren’t familiar with them. And a reminder in case you heard them in passing.

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