Andrew Young - an abrupt resignation and a wave of shaking heads.
Andrew Young – an abrupt resignation and a wave of shaking heads.

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A busy and controversial day – no less controversial than the abrupt resignation from UN Ambassadorship of Andrew Young, who announced his leaving in the wake of a scandal brewing over Palestinian/Israeli peace talks Young was accused of meddling in.
A meeting was being held on this August 22nd in 1979 at the headquarters of the NAACP to discuss the fallout from his departure, but also to discuss a shift in Middle-East policy by the United States.

Meanwhile, President Jimmy Carter was on a slow cruise down the Mississippi, stopping off at various towns to attend meetings and discuss issues with voters and gain support for what many considered a sagging foreign and domestic policy.

President Carter’s Energy policy was up for discussion and vote again in Congress, hot on the heels of investigation findings over the Three-Mile Island Nuclear disaster which took place earlier in the year.

And over $2 million in cash was stolen from a Brinks Armored Truck in New York City.

All that, and a whole lot more for this August 22nd 1979 as presented by The CBS World News Roundup and The World Tonight.

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