Oscar Peterson - one of the True Great.

Oscar Peterson - one of the True Great.
Oscar Peterson – one of the True Greats.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – The Oscar Peterson Trio – live at the 1968 Montreal Jazz Festival – CBC Transcription Service – Gordon Skene Sound Collection.

I first ran this concert about two years ago via another site. At the time the sound quality on the player available to me wasn’t very good, and much of what I had posted there was disappointing as to the sound.

Since then, Past Daily has been re-posting a lot of those earlier concerts and sessions with much improved sound, better graphics – all around a much better tribute to some of the great Artists of the 20th century.

This weekend it’s a concert from the 1968 Montreal Jazz Festival with the legendary Oscar Peterson and his trio, recorded by the Canadian Broadcasting Company and issued briefly as part of their Transcription service. Like most of these recordings issued by radio networks, they always come with the caveat of having to be destroyed after a certain period of time. Sometimes that’s unfortunate, as the masters for these concerts often wind up missing themselves. Or in the case of the Martin Luther King Massey Lectures from 1967, just plain lost.

So even though they ask you to destroy these recordings, forgetfulness has its big rewards and sometimes the saving of a lost legacy. I am not entirely sure this concert has been reissued by the CBC or licensed by a label, but it’s a great concert by a truly phenomenal artist – who is joined here by Sam Jones, bass and Bobby Durham, drums.

Since it’s an “international festival” the announcements are in several languages – but the concert is all there and it’s all history. Enjoy.

For those of you who regularly check out the Jazz offerings we have on the weekends, you know our Weekly Downbeat recordings can be something truly unique and special – often running recordings long thought lost or never thought recorded. It’s what we do every week and it’s what makes Past Daily a truly unique place on the internet for all things historic and timeless.
Right now, we’re in the midst of our Fundraiser via Indiegogo and in conjunction with The Gordon Skene Sound Collection, the Archive which has collected, preserved and restored all these concerts along with thousands of other historic music, spoken word, news and event recordings and is making all of them available to you to download, study and enjoy.
it’s what we’re all about. But we’re also about keeping the process going – and that’s why we’re asking for your help. We’re passing the hat in August and September to ask your help in helping us continue to preserve and restore history. We’re not asking for a lot – just a passing of the hat and a chip-in of a few bucks here and there. We have some goodies to send as a thank you for those who contribute $100.00 and it’s all Tax Deductible. So please consider making a contribution to helping preserve history and making these rare and unique recordings available to everyone. Our future depends on it. And we’re depending on you for support. Click on the headline just below our Mascot and make your pledge. And tell your friends!

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