The Voce Quartet In Music Of Mozart, Turina And Brahms – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

The Voce Quartet - yes, things are looking up.
The Voce Quartet – yes, things are looking up.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – The Voce Quartet in Concert at Festival of Summer Nights – August 2, 2014 – Radio France Musique

Over to Paris this week for a concert featuring Rising Young Stars recipients Quatuor Voce (The Voce Quartet) in a program of music by Mozart, Turina and Brahms.

Recorded at l’Eglise de Yenne as part of the Summer Nights Festival on August 2nd this year by the venerable and always excellent Radio France Musique, the four Parisian musicians have been getting rave notices and have more than lived up to their Rising Young Stars award.

Here’s what they play – it’s a little over an hour and fifteen minutes, so it’s all on one player:


Concert enregistré le 2 août 2014 en l’ Eglise de Yenne
dans le cadre du
festival des nuits d’été

Présentation: Charles-Pierre Vallière

1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Les dissonnances, K465

2. Joaquin Turina
La Oracion del Torero

3. Johannes Brahms
Quatuor  Op.51 n. 1

Quatuor Voce :
Sarah Dayan et Cécile Roubin, violons
Guillaume Becker, alto
Lydia Shelley, violoncelle

Perfect Anti-Road Rage Wednesday music. Turn it up and enjoy the ride.


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