Vichy Prime Minister Pierre Laval. His popularity became quickly known.

Vichy Prime Minister Pierre Laval.  His popularity became quickly known.
Vichy Prime Minister Pierre Laval. His popularity became quickly known. His unpopularity became quickly realized.

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As the war dragged on in Europe, and as the U.S. was inching closer to joining in, the news from France reported Vichy Prime Minister Pierre Laval – head of the German-run puppet regime, had been the victim of an attempted assassination. The shooter, a 20 year old man from Normandy, Paul Collette shot Lavel and Marcel Déat, Minister of Labor and National Solidarity at an Anti-Bolshevist Rally run by an organization Collette was part of.

Laval and Déat were both shot twice and Déat was listed in critical condition. It was further evidence Occupied France was going to put up a fight, no matter what.

Elsewhere – British Bombers were attacking several strategic cities in Southwestern Germany, while German activity over Britain was slight. It was also reported Iran had decided to cease resistance against British and Russian forces which was viewed in Washington as good news, since Iran was viewed as a back-door to Russia for American supplies.

Meanwhile, Berlin was reporting fierce fighting all over the Eastern front with heavy Russian losses and continued German air attacks on Russian villages and cities. A war of words and a war of nerves, with mass destruction coming from both sides.

And that’s just a small portion of what went on this August 28th in 1941, as reported by News of The World from the Blue Network of NBC.

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