Katrina -

Katrina: Every hour the news got worse.

Every hour the news got worse.
Every hour the news got worse.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – WJBO – Baton Rouge, LA – aircheck – August 29, 2005
Click on the link here for Audio Player – ABC Radio News Reports throughout day – August 29, 2005

9 years ago today Hurricane Katrina made land and New Orleans has never been the same. Initially, reports put the eye of the Hurricane away from New Orleans as was previously thought and that maybe New Orleans had dodged a bullet. But time proved otherwise and the story grew more horrific as the hours ticked by.

As a reminder of how it initially went down, here are two sets of reports; one from WJBO in Baton Rouge at around one in the morning, a few hours before the Hurricane hit. The second are reports starting with a Morning report from KSL in Salt Lake City via ABC News and continuing into the afternoon after the Hurricane made land.

A horrendous day for those who lived through it – a reminder of how it all went down.


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