As You Know, We’re Passing The Hat – Help Preserve History

Your Tax Deductible Contribution works wonders.
Your Tax Deductible Contribution works wonders.

Click on the link here for Indiegogo’s Help Preserve History page.

As no doubt you must know by now, Past Daily is in the midst of a Fundraiser. We’ve teamed up with Indiegogo with Help Preserve History. If you’ve been visiting us for any length of time you’d know that Past Daily is one of those places that offers something kind of unique among websites – a lot of history and a lot of eclectic sounds you don’t get to hear anywhere else. Recently, we became affiliated with Fractured Atlas, a wonderful organization dedicated to promoting and encouraging websites like this, and archives like mine; The Gordon Skene Sound Collection, to help us in our mission to preserve, restore and share all this history and all these recordings with you. Past Daily has been up a little over 2 years and we’ve posted some 3,000 articles – that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the 200,000+ hours currently in the archive. But we’re working on it and eventually want to make all of that available to you.

Why? Because we think hearing history as it happens, hearing those voices who shaped our culture for generations, those cultural movements which changed our lives forever, are important to know about. They are crucial links to who we are as people; they are often reminders to how fallible we are, how prone we are to making the same mistakes over and over and how seemingly small events have become firestorms over time. They are also reminders that we are capable of doing great things, achieving great goals and realizing seemingly impossible achievements.

But a lot of those moments, those events, those voices have been lost forever. Careless destruction, disaster, neglect – they have all taken their toll on our history, our story. And even though it’s impossible for me as one person to crusade to save it all, I am one part of a community dedicated to making sure our history is preserved.

That’s why I’m asking you to consider contributing to help us out – help us preserve history – help us keep all this alive and vital and preserved for the future. That’s why we’re passing the hat.

The good news is, it’s Tax Deductible – your contribution works for us and benefits you. Your dollars in support help keep an operation like this online and saves countless hours of history from vanishing forever.

The bad news is, we can’t do this without you. We aren’t affiliated with a large corporation – don’t get any support from ads (unless you count hundredths of a cent as support) and don’t get any time off. We’re here all day, every day.

So we’re not asking for a lot from just a few of you – we’re asking all of you who come by and visit Past Daily to give the price of a Starbucks. If each of you contributed just $5.00 we would reach our goal and we’d stop our daily pleads for support. It’s that simple.

Please click on the headline below our photo of Humphrey, our Piano Playing Mascot, or the Help Preserve History Link, and contribute what you can. We’re here because of you and we’re here for you. We can’t keep it unless we share it and we can’t share it unless we preserve it.

And that’s where you come in.

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