. . and the prisoner-taking starts.

The Final Step In The One-Sided Repudiation Of International Instruments – September 2, 1939

 . . and the prisoner-taking starts.

. . the prisoner-taking starts. And a breathless German Wire-photo proclaims it.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – BBC Home Service/Paris Radio/Radio Warsaw/Radio Berlin – September 2, 1939 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

After the initial shock of invasion came the scramble to take sides. Italy pledged alliance with Germany. France and Britain declared alliance with Poland. Portugal claimed neutrality. The sides were lining  up. Meanwhile, the German Army had crossed into Poland and was taking prisoners.

This second day of hostilities in what first started off as The European War, eventually became World War 2, continued to fill the airwaves with reports, claims, counter-claims and accounts of the hostilities as they were unfolding in Poland.

Here is a one-hour excerpt from almost continuous reports via the BBC Home Service, Paris Radio, Radio Warsaw and Radio Berlin for September 2, 1939.

The news and the reports and the urgency of the moment speak for themselves.

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