Purveyor of The Perfect Storm.
Purveyor of The Perfect Storm.
Click on the link here for Audio Player – Bob Dylan – Live At Free Trade Hall, Manchester – May 7, 1965 – Soundboard Recording.

Pivotal year, 1965. After the initial wave of bands from Britain had flooded the U.S., and as America jolted itself out of the musical doldrums, the next phase; the “what-do-we-do-now” portion of the program began. As Popular Music started its journey of assimilating, borrowing, deconstructing and experimenting, the field became wide-open. Musical styles were changing and evolving and doing it quickly.

Folk Music was not immune to the transformation. Earlier in 1965 Bob Dylan added an electric band to his fifth album Bringing It All Back Home. By July of that year he stunned the audience at the Newport Folk Festival by going electric. Amid the storm of controversy the signs were there – Popular Music was getting a jolt of growth hormones and nothing was going to stop it.

But just before that – literally two months before the Newport transformation, Bob Dylan had embarked on a European tour, playing at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester in England, on May 7, 1965.

To fans and purists, you already have this concert – and most likely have had it for a number of years. But if you’re new to Dylan and are interested in that transformational period – this concert puts it somewhere right at the edge and puts you in the witness chair.

Fortunately for everyone, the concert sounds great. One of the problems you often run in to with pivotal and historic moments is that they sometimes sound awful and lead you to remark “I guess you had to be there”. The recording of this concert, done presumably by the mixer at the time, is a great example of an iconic musician in the midst of change.

Turn it up and give it a listen.

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