Crusaders (w/Joe Sample-r) - Made Funk a household celebration.

Crusaders (w/Joe Sample-r) - Made Funk a household celebration.
Crusaders (w/Joe Sample-r) – Made Funk a household celebration.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – The Crusaders – Live in Seattle – 1973

With the sad news this week of the passing of another Jazz giant, founding member of The Jazz Crusaders, and later just Crusaders, Joe Sample, the ranks of influential and pivotal figures in Jazz are getting a bit thin.

The Crusaders were one of those bands who managed to embrace two lives – one as a straight-ahead Jazz ensemble from the early 1960s. And one as a pioneering Jazz-Funk ensemble from the early 1970s all the way until the early 90s.

A versatile and widely respected musician, Joe Sample had a lengthy and successful solo career, collaborating with everyone from Miles Davis to Eric Clapton. It was his versatility and wide-ranging interest in all musical forms that made him a much sought-after artist.

As a reminder of how widely popular The Crusaders were in the early 1970s, here is a concert they performed in Seattle at the Hec Edmunson Pavilion in the Spring of 1973.

Turn it up and celebrate a fantastic life.

RIP Joe Sample – you put the Fun in Funk.

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