Unknown Mortal Orchestra - exploring new vistas - mining new soundscapes (photo: Neil Krug)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - exploring new vistas - mining new soundscapes (photo: Neil Krug)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – exploring new vistas – mining new soundscapes (photo: Neil Krug)

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Unknown Mortal Orchestra – in concert at Into The Great Wide Open – Sept. 7, 2014 – VPRO/3VROOR12

Unknown Mortal Orchestra have been making the rounds everywhere this year – and blowing collective minds all along the way. I ran an earlier concert by them around the beginning of the year, and they apparently haven’t stopped touring since.

Like a number of the Nu-Psych bands currently on the scene, Unknown Mortal Orchestra aren’t afraid to push envelopes, and the trust factor in joining them for the sonic trip is well-rewarded. Like Tame Impala, Jagwar Ma, Temples, Arthur Beatrice and a number of other bands making their presences known this year, Unknown Mortal Orchestra are part of a very healthy and energizing scene and it’s good to know they’re around and audiences are loving them. The future is healthy – nothing to worry about. I’m serious.

Tonight, it’s Unknown Mortal Orchestra at Into The Great Wide Open festival in The Netherlands, recorded last weekend (September 7th) by the venerable VPRO Network and broadcast by 3VOOR12 live.

They’re scheduled to play two gigs in the U.S.; one in Chicago on September 20th and the other in Pomona, California (outside of L.A.) on October 18th. After that they head over to Reykjavik. So it’s anybody’s guess when they’ll be back in the U.S. – although they’ve been criss-crossing the U.S. and Europe all year – they’ve been putting in a lot of miles. Doing what all serious bands do – working their asses off to get the message out.

See them – check out their site – get their stuff and support them.

Play this one loud.

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