Bud Powell - often referred to as the Charlie Parker of The Piano.

Bud Powell - often referred to as the Charlie Parker of The Piano.
Bud Powell – often referred to as the Charlie Parker of The Piano.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Bud Powell – live at The Blue Note, Geneva, Switzerland – Feb.1, 1962 – RTS – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Over to Switzerland this weekend for a performance at The Blue Note in Geneva from February 1, 1962.

One of the leading figures in the development of Bebop, Bud Powell was often referred to as the Charlie Parker of the piano. His influence was huge and far-reaching. He was the first pianist to take Parker’s phrasing and language and adapt it to the keyboard. And laid the groundwork for for many pianists to follow since. He was mentored by Thelonius Monk and influenced by Art Tatum, but his point of view was his own.

Sadly, Powell suffered a tortured life – laced with addiction and stays in mental hospitals, which took a toll on his career. He died in 1966 at the age of 41.

But his legacy and his talent live on and continue to influence those coming along after him.

To get an idea of what he was like in a club setting – here’s a great opportunity to become familiar.

Take the rest of the weekend off.

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