Quintessential Art Rock at a time when Art Rock was a rarity.

Quintessential Art Rock at a time when Art Rock was a rarity.
Quintessential Art Rock at a time when Art Rock was a rarity.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Deaf School – In Concert – October 4, 1976 – BBC Radio 1

Deaf School were an Art Rock band in the early-mid 1970s when Rock in general was in a period of transition. A competent and talented band, they didn’t quite catch on in the U.S., despite a lot of promotion via their US Label Warner Brothers. When their debut album came out it got lost in the shuffle and failed to make much dent in the U.S. market. and subsequently splintered in other directions by 1978.

By that time New Wave was coming into mass popularity and some of the members went off to success via solo pursuits. Most notably, Bette Brite, one of the singers in the band, went off to a successful career with her own band The Illuminations and had several hits. Deaf School Guitarist Clive Langer went on to a huge career as producer, working with such notables as Madness and Dexys Midnight Runners.

But as much as Deaf School failed to click with audiences at the time, they went on to become very influential among up-and-coming bands and musicians after them.

So perhaps they were a little ahead of the curve.

Tonight it’s a concert from the BBC Radio 1 series In Concert with Deaf School performing just ahead of the release of their debut album. It was recorded on October 4, 1976 and mention is made of their debut album coming out shortly.

Strange mix and a pretty noisy tape to begin with – but listenable and an important document of a band whose work made a huge impression on their peers – and after all, that’s what counts.

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