Muddy 'splains it all to you.

Muddy 'splains it all to you.
Muddy ‘splains it all to you.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Muddy Waters – Live in Belgrade, Yugoslavia – November 6, 1976 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

It only seems fitting that we continue our survey of immortal Blues players with a visit from Muddy Waters this week, in concert from The Union Hall in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1976.

It’s further evidence that, not only was Muddy Waters known all over the world, but that Blues is yet another dialect in the Universal language of Music. The audience is properly stoked and wildly enthusiastic and they are treated to a 52 minute exercise in what legends do best. Since this concert comes by way of a broadcast, it fades out in the middle of a number, which could indicate a lot more than the 52 minutes. But you get an idea of what they were digging in Belgrade on this particular night.

And for the record – Muddy is joined by Pinetop Perkins, Luther Johnson, Bob Margolin, Jerry Portnoy, Calvin Jones and Willie Smith, making for one memorable occasion.

Turn it up and get loose. Muddy is in the house.

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