Daniel Lebhardt - Hungarian pIanist with 100% French Music.

Daniel Lebhardt Plays Music Of Séverac, Debussy, Widor, Alkan and Ravel – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Daniel Lebhardt - Hungarian pIanist with 100% French Music.
Daniel Lebhardt – 100% Hungarian pianist with 100% (mostly) French Music.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Recital by Daniel Lebhardt – Louve Museum Concerts – September 25, 2014 – Radio France Musique

Over to Paris this week for a concert by the celebrated rising-star Hungarian Pianist Daniel Lebhardt in what the program describes as a “100% French Piano Music Concert” recorded at the Louve Museum this past September 25th by the always brilliant Radio France Musique recording team.

A rather short concert, but excellent concert of music by Séverac, Alkan, Widor, Ravel and Debussy. Definitely a concert worth repeating more than once, twice or ten times. Just wonderful stuff.

And to prove it – here’s what’s on the player:

Concert donné le 25 septembre 2014 à 12h30, Auditorium du Louvre à Paris.

1. Déodat de Séverac
Baigneuses au soleil

2. Claude Debussy

3. Charles-Marie Widor
Après la fête Op 71 n°5
Valse oubliée Op 71 n°4

4. Charles Henri Valentin Alkan
Chanson de la folle au bord de la mer Op 31 n°8

5. Maurice Ravel
Gaspard de la nuit

6. Bela Bartok
Etude op 18 n°1      

Daniel Lebhardt, piano

Okay, the encore is Bartok, which doesn’t make it really 100% French, but it’s worth the price of admission for the Widor alone, whom I haven’t heard nearly enough of his piano music – since most everyone thinks Widor is a composer for the Organ. Surprise-surprise.

Great concert and perfect to tune the rest of the world out with.

Turn it up and relax – it’s the middle of the week, after all.


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