The Jack Bruce Band – Live In London – 1977 – (Jack Bruce: 1943-2014) – Past Daily Backstage Weekend: Tribute Edition Extra

Jack Bruce - Cream was just a stopping off place.
Jack Bruce – Cream was just a stopping off place.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – The Jack Bruce Band – Live at The Paris Theater, London – 1977 – BBC Radio 1

As a tribute to the versatility and wide-ranging influence of Jack Bruce, whose passing earlier today signaled the end of a tremendous and all-encompassing career, I decided to run two concerts from two different periods of Jack Bruce’s career.

Everyone knows about Cream – they were considered by many to be the first Super-group to come along in the later 1960s. Sadly, they didn’t last all that long – as it was later realized, groups with that much talent under one roof don’t usually get along all that well, and the mix of creative and volatile led to an ultimate demise.

But anyone who was familiar with the work of Jack Bruce (going back to earlier bands), knew he was much more than an element in a Supergroup, and his approach to Bass playing was fairly overflowing with innovation.

It was that innovation which launched his solo career and his collaborations with a virtual who’s who of musicians which continued on until very near his death earlier today.

As a reminder of who we’ve just lost – here is a glimpse of Jack Bruce during that later period. A concert recorded by BBC Radio 1 for their In Concert series from The Paris Theatre.

A tremendous and gifted talent who shaped and stimulated a generation and whose contribution will be vital for generations to come. Thank you for the gift.

Rest in Peace, Jack Bruce – 1943-2014

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