Spreading the message - no matter who listened.

Mid-Term Postmortem: 1962 – November 7, 1962

Spreading the message - no matter who listened.

Spreading the message – no matter who listened.

. . .or click on the link here for Audio Player (or download) – Lowell Thomas And The News – Nov. 7, 1962 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

This is the week for Postmortems, it seems. This day, November 7th, was a day-after in the 1962 Mid-term election cycle. Not as dramatic as in previous or later years. This one saw something of virtual tie in Democrat to Republican wins. Both sides could claim a moral victory and both sides had sights clearly on the prize in 1964. The topic of conversation around political circles was the pattern, this year over others. Democrats won in places they weren’t expected to win. Republicans won in places they weren’t expected to win. The whole pattern had many scrambling for signs of trends.

There was yet another Kennedy heading to Capitol Hill – this was one youngest brother Ted, elected to the Senate from Massachusetts swept to victory over George Cabot Lodge. Nelson Rockefeller won by landslide in New York and Richard Nixon lost by landslide to Edmund G. “Pat” Brown in California.

Republicans were looking to 1964, with several potential names bubbling to the surface. Newly elected Michigan Governor Romney, political new-comer William Scranton, and favored candidate Nelson Rockefeller. But 1964 was two years off and anything could happen.

And it certainly did.

And that’s a look at how the Mid-terms went in America on November 7, 1962 as reported by Lowell Thomas and The News.

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