Fascinating times, indeed.

‘We’re Living In Fascinating Times’ – November 10, 1989

Fascinating times, indeed.

Fascinating times, indeed.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – CBS Radio – News reports – November 10, 1989 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

On November 10th, 25 years ago, the world looked on with amazement at what started off as a set of half-measure reforms quickly blossomed into a movement and a wave of protest and then spiraled into dramatic, irrevocable change.

The lines dividing East and West Germany were rapidly eroding. Despite cautions from pundits, the movement towards reunification of Germany was a very real possibility. Coupled with the events taking place in other parts of the East European bloc; mass resignations and similar protests, the entire face of Eastern Europe was going through a metamorphosis.

And it became the media event of the 80s, and we were watching it unfold live on TV and listening to reports on Radio – the whole thing took on a circus atmosphere, with crowds milling around the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie, going after the wall with picks and shovels, chipping away amid cheers and bottles of champagne and East German police watching and smiling, and all prompting President Bush to remark we were living in “fascinating times”.

Pretty amazing events, and they all happened on this November 10th in 1989 as reported (almost as fast as the events were unfolding) by CBS Radio News.

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