Chico Hamilton - mixing up the lovely stew.

4 By Chico Hamilton – 1956 – Past Daily Weekend Soundbooth

Chico Hamilton - mixing up the lovely stew.
Chico Hamilton – mixing up the lovely stew.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – 4 by The Chico Hamilton Quintet – 1956 – Pacific Jazz Records

A taste of West Coast Cool School by way of the inimitable Chico Hamilton Quintet, featuring Jim Hall on guitar, Buddy Collette on flute, clarinet, alto and tenor sax, Carson Smith on Bass and Fred Katz on cello.

No doubt, this combination of instruments and players was taking Jazz into new and interesting directions. Adding a cello to the proceedings was something that hadn’t been done in this setting before. Further indication Jazz was opening up and exploring new avenues, and Chico Hamilton was one of the driving forces in the West Coast Jazz movement.

Tonight it’s four tracks from what is a large and eclectic catalog. These four come from the 1956 period with Hamilton was on Pacific Jazz. Fans have heard these countless times, and they have a certain period quality to them. But the point of view is spot-on and the music itself is timeless.

But in case you forgot, here’s what’s up:

1. Santa Monica
2. Nice Day
3. The Morning After
4. Walking Carson Blues

Taking it down a few notches tonight, but keeping it interesting and fresh.

Get ready for the week.

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