Fun Boy Five - short lived, but the subject of a cult following.
Fun Boy Five – short lived, but the subject of a cult following.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Funboy Five – In Session For John Peel – September 1979 – BBC Radio 1

When I first ran across Funboy Five, I thought it was a misprint and what it really meant was Funboy 3. Different band entirely – in fact, different years.

Funboy Five were a post-punk band in the UK who were talked about more than they were seen, grabbed a modicum of fame via the venerable John Peel and lasted a little less than 3 years before calling it quits.

No albums, but a 7-track cassette which featured most all their material, a few singles and this BBC session.

But they have wound up getting a cult following and have appeared on a few compilation projects which have revived interest in the band and so Funboy Five have resurfaced (albeit briefly), earlier this year.

But the early material is high on most collectors lists, and this session (sounding not as good as usual) gives you some idea of why they’ve generated renewed interest. They are quirky and a tad off-the-wall, and that’s part of their charm.

Give a listen and perhaps you’ll remember them – or you’ll join the growing audience who is just getting into them.

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