Vanessa Paradis – In Concert At Fouvière Nights – 2014 – Nights At The Roundtable: Concert Edition

Vanessa Paradis - singer, model, actress. Former girlfriend of Johnny Depp - multi-talent.
Vanessa Paradissinger, model, actress. Former girlfriend of Johnny Depp – multi-talent.


. . . or click on the link here for audio Player – Vanessa Paradis and Orchestra – in concert at Fouvière Nights – July 2014 – RFI/FIP.

Most people hear the name Vanessa Paradis and immediately associate it with the former girlfriend of Johnny Depp, at least in this country. But to everyone else, Vanessa Paradis is one of those multi-talents so prevalent in France. A child star at 14, a much-in-demand model shortly after. An actress with a lengthy list of credits, including the international hit Girl On The Bridge. A singer with 6 albums to her credit. She’s made her mark in all of those endeavors.

Tonight it’s Vanessa Paradis the Singer/Chanteuse, backed by a full orchestra during a concert appearance at Fouvière Nights this past July.

To say she’s huge in her native France, as well as the rest of Europe is something of an understatement. Aside from a personal life, which is the stuff of tabloids, Vanessa Paradis has managed to become successful in a number of areas – not the least being her voice and her collaborations.

Not your average Rock singer, or even your average French Pop Singer. But rather, Vanessa Paradis as multi-talent who gives it all.


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