Peter & The Harmonics - the spirit of acoustic folk is alive and well.
Peter & The Harmonics – the spirit of Acoustic Folk is alive and well.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Peter & The Harmonics – In session at BBC Bristol – 2011 – BBC Radio Bristol

Never one to shy away from suggestions by readers, my friend Mig Schillace turned me on this band. Partly because they’re from Mig’s hometown of Bristol in the UK, partly because they’re playing a gig at Mig’s club this weekend, but mostly because they’re good. It’s always a good sign when a friend whose musical taste you are 100% behind turns you on to something – you know they aren’t playing around.

Peter & The Harmonics are from Bristol and they are part of that current wave of Acoustic folk-based bands currently popping up all over the UK and the rest of Europe of late. Although what makes them different from many of the current crop of bands is their range of influences. They freely admit being inspired by Neil Young, Simon & Garfunkle and The Band.

Since they’ve just finished playing their latest gig at The Louisiana tonight, it’s too early to grab a sample of what they sound like right now, but I’ve managed to grab an acoustic session they did for BBC Bristol about 3 years ago to give you an 8 minute taste of what they sound like.

They currently have a one ep out, Make Up Your Mind, which is available via their website, Soundcloud, Facebook and just about everywhere else.

I suspect we’ll be hearing more about them in the coming months. Just a hunch.


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