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Charles Gounod - composed more than Faust.
Charles Gounod – composed more than Faust, but you might be hard pressed to say exactly what.


. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – The Paris Conservatory Student Orchestra, conducted by Louis Martin 1954 – ORTF, Paris – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Back to Paris this week for something (mostly) familiar. The Petite Symphonie by Charles Gounod, featuring the Student orchestra of the Paris Conservatory, conducted by Louis Martin in this circa 1954 studio session, recorded by ORTF in Paris.

Primarily know for his opera Faust, Gounod had a considerable output in other genres, aside from Opera. But he isn’t that well known outside the Opera House.

This Petite Symphonie is a Nonet for Winds, first performed in Paris in 1885. Sadly, most all of Charles Gounod’s other work is overshadowed by his operas, and particularly Faust, which has become a staple in Opera Houses throughout the world almost since it premiered.

But here is another side to a well-known composer of the late 19th century. I am pretty certain a commercial recording of this Symphonie exists, but this particular performance, most likely does not.

In any case, enjoy.

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  1. Louis Martin has been an important figure in French musical landscape. This Gounod is a lovely piece. Surprisingly, as Saint-Saens wrote in his memories, Gounod -during his lifetime was more famous for his church music……..not anymore as you correctly said !!!

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