Tyla Gang - Quintessential Pub-Rock.
Tyla Gang – Quintessential Pub-Rock.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Tyla Gang – In Session for John Peel – October 4, 1977 – BBC Radio 1

Probably not as universally known in the States as in their native UK, Tyla Gang largely came out of the remnants of early 70s outfits Ducks Deluxe and Help Yourself. Sometimes called The Godfather of Boogie, guitarist Sean Tyla started off as a roadie for Help Yourself in 1971. In 1972, along with fellow Help Yourself member Ken Whalley formed the nucleus of Ducks Deluxe and founded the genre known as Pub Rock. Pure rock n’ roll and a back-to-basics approach, Ducks Deluxe toured the U.S. in the mid-1970s to good reviews, but they did have to battle the tide of Glam Rock which was taking much of the spotlight. But Ducks Deluxe, like fellow Pub-rockers Man and Doctor Feelgood carved out a niche and won a small, but loyal following in the process.

When Ducks folded in 1975, Sean Tyla, along with his brother Gary and members of the Welsh band Jack Straw formed Tyla Gang and immediately picked up where Ducks left off; gaining an audience and gathering positive critical reaction. They signed with Stiff records for a number of singles and eventually signed with the UK division of Beserkley Records and released the memorable Yachtless album in 1978.

This session – one of two the band did for John Peel, comes around the time of their signing with Beserkley and was recorded in October of 1977.

Sadly, Yachtless didn’t go over well as far as sales went. And further complicating matters was the bankruptcy of Beserkley in 1979, which also saw the disbanding of Tyla Gang.

The good news is, they’ve reformed as of 2010 and issued a new studio album in 2013. Picking up where they left off.

But as a reminder of what they were all about in 1977, here is their session for John Peel, recorded on October 4th.

Play loud. Here comes the weekend.

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