The Futureheads - now on sabbatical, or is it hiatus?
The Futureheads – now on sabbatical, or is it hiatus?

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – The Futureheads – In concert at Concorde 2, Brighton – 2004 – BBC 6 Music

Okay. I admit I’ve been posting more than the usual number of concerts and sessions by The Futureheads – 4 since 2012. I try to keep things even but truths to tell, The Futureheads are one of my current-favorite high-energy bands. And on a Tuesday, things are getting a bit slow around here.

I understand the band have gone on something of a hiatus since 2013, getting involved in side-projects including frontman Barry Hyde‘s venture into the realm of cuisine by attending cooking school.

But that doesn’t prevent having a listen to one of the more energetic and high-voltage bands to come along in quite a while. The Futureheads, who took their name from The Flaming Lips album Hit To Death In The Future Head also cite such stalwarts as XTC, Wire, Gang of Four and Fugazi as influences, and their rapid paced delivery and no-let-up intensity certainly bring back echoes of Punk in all its glory. Tonight, it’s a concert from the Concorde 2 Festival at Brighton in 2004, right around the time of the release of their s/t debut album and faithfully captured by the ever-present and always trusted BBC 6 Music.

So  I would strongly suggest you crank this one up and get friendly with a few cans of Red Bull.

Couldn’t hurt.

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