Tessie of Intimate Stranger - After much hard work, brilliance.

Tessie of Intimate Stranger - After much hard work, brilliance.
Tessie of Intimate Stranger – After much hard work, brilliance.

. . .Or click on the link here for Audio Player – Intimate Strange – In Session At Radio Zero, Santiago – Dec, 16, 2014 – Radio Zero 97.7 FM

I have been a fan of the Chilean/Croatian band Intimate Stranger ever since I first ran across them on MySpace back in 2006. At the time they were just getting started and finding their way. And even though they were raw and getting their chops together, there was something instantly likable about them.

In those 8 years they have worked incredibly hard, played everywhere from SXSW to record stores; every possible venue to get their sound and message across. And they have grown immeasurably in the process.

Intimate Stranger have become a world-class band, and they have provided a textbook in what it takes, the work involved and the amazing strides that come from putting in long hard hours and not giving up.

Although over the years the personnel of the band have changed, the core makeup have not. The husband-wife team of singer/guitarist Tessie Woodgate and lead guitar Lau (Lautaro) Vera are intact and their songwriting skills have gone through a huge transformation over that time. They’ve grown and their music has grown.

Without question, Intimate Stranger are ready for the next big step – hitting the festivals in 2015. I really feel they need to get to Coachella this coming year and head East. Make their way from Primavera Sound in Barcelona to Pinkpop and Glasto if they can (although it’s already sold out and I suspect the lineup is mixed in concrete, but . . .) and every festival in-between. The band needs to make the transition to the world stage. The audience will be there and the band is certainly ready.

As a sample of what they’re all about right now, here is a session they just finished earlier today at Radio Zero in their hometown of Santiago Chile. It’s a live stream of their gig, cut a few hours ago. The sound isn’t all that great because the sampling rate isn’t as high as it could be, but the raw energy and exquisite execution of their material is there, as is the magnificent and penetrating voice of Tessie, who is the glue holding it all together.

A thrilling band I’m happy to say I knew when . . .

Listening to this stream on playback I kept smiling, because every note has been worked hard for and they give me great hope that music continues to be in wonderful places, with talented people putting in the work and the dedication to keep the magic going and keep the notes alive.

Hopefully, I will get a better recording of this concert soon – when I do I will replace it and update the post. But in the meantime, crank it up and support them however you can.

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