George Raft - one of the Golden Age of Hollywood's Prize heavies.
George Raft – one of the Golden Age of Hollywood‘s Prize heavies.

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Anyone with a passing fancy for classic Hollywood films, or has spent more than five minutes dial-hopping on Turner Classic Movies will know the name George Raft very well.

Carving out an indelible career as a heavy, Raft came to Hollywood in the early days of cinema from a stint on Broadway as a dancer and actor. He became quickly known for his gangster roles, and in some cases for his associations with real-life gangsters. But George Raft was a hard working actor who had many unforgettable roles under his belt by the time this interview is done.

From a radio interview in 1951, Hollywood Columnist George Fisher talks to George Raft about his career, his lengthy list of motion picture credits and his then-new work in Radio and on TV. Raft predicts the new medium of television will be the wave of the future.

Even at a little over 8 minutes, the interview covers a lot of ground. And if you’ve never heard an interview with George Raft, or don’t know who he is, or have heard about him and have seen some of his movies, this ought to give you some idea of who he was.

Sit back and have a listen to some Hollywood history as it was presented on July 4, 1951.

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