Christmas With The Troops 1952 – Past Daily Holiday Gallimaufry

Hollywood goes to Korea in 1952.

Hollywood goes to Korea in 1952.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – CBS Radio: Let’s Go Hollywood with George Fisher – December 1952 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

What began during World War 2 as a holiday ritual, continued on for decades as members of the Hollywood contingent boarded planes and headed off to Army camps to spend Christmas with the troops.

In 1952 it was Korea. And for 17 days, from Christmas to New Years, the USO arranged shows in every corner U.S. troops were stationed. Some shows took place very close to actual battle, while others took place is such far-flung destinations as The Aleutian Islands.

As part of that ritual, reporting on it gave Americans at home a glimpse of just how many joined in the holiday trek to entertain the troops. Bob Hope was probably the most prominent of the entertainers making the rounds, but he was only a small part of the army Hollywood assembled to bring Christmas overseas.

Many of the stars mentioned on this broadcast are probably not at all familiar now. George Fisher, who was a noted Hollywood Columnist in the 1940s and 1950s as well as a daily broadcaster, was on hand to interview such luminaries as Paul Douglas and Keenan Wynn as they boarded USO planes.

Here is that broadcast, from Fisher’s weekly wrap-up program Let’s Go Hollywood, as it was first aired on December 21st 1952.

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