Blur -  Mid-90s energy boost.
Blur – Mid-90s energy boost.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Blur – Live At London Astoria, London – Feb. 10, 1997 – band soundboard.

The 90s this weekend, and Blur in fine form. I remember the much-hyped Blur versus Oasis manufactured controversy and thought it was idiotic, even at the time. Both bands represented a much-needed shot in the arm for Music which was getting bogged down and losing direction.

Sillier than the purported “bad blood” between the bands was the moniker Britpop, which seemed to be a trivialization over well executed and thought out music, that touched on elements of 60s Psychedelia and 80s Indie, but found its own voice. And the fact that you either liked Oasis or Blur, but couldn’t like both was a very bad idea.

Truth was, both bands stood on their own and had aspects and points of view which were very appealing and complimentary to each other. Both bands had the great fortune of having good song writers. Both bands had excellent production and both bands were capable of reaching wide audiences.

Fortunately, we’re far enough away from the 90s so we can now appreciate the music for what it was – fresh, engaging and enthusiastic – and it has held up lo, these past 20 years. Says something.

To illustrate that point, here is a concert Blur did at The London Astoria on February 10, 1997. A good cross-section of new and old material, including some of their earliest songs which were what got us interested in the band in the first place.

A rather speedy hour and ten minutes, without much let-up.

Crank this one up and get ready to bid 2014 farewell next week. It can’t come soon enough.


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