Richard Rodgers - left a treasure trove of American song.
Richard Rodgers – left a treasure trove of unforgettable American song.
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As 1979 came to a close, the world was once again facing The Big Question Mark. The Soviets were setting up shop in Afghanistan, the United Nations was condemning the action with China leading the way. The Soviets were turning a deaf ear. The American Hostages in Tehran were facing a new year with no sign of coming home and 1980 was promising to be a year loaded with political intrigue with a Presidential election looming in the wings.

But on top of all that, the passing of an icon. Richard Rodgers was probably one of the most prolific and well-known composers of the Great American Song the 20th century had to offer. With a career lasting some 60 years – countless musicals and a catalog of songs going into the thousands, he left behind a legacy that is doubtful will ever be equalled. The death Richard Rodgers at 77 left a huge gap on Broadway.

So between the news of doubtful futures and the tributes to icons now passed, this December 31st in 1979 was potent. It spelled the end of a year, end of a decade and end of an era. The 80s were loaded with hope, but also with doubts. As with the end of any decade, it was a time to think of the past and wonder about the road ahead. And as it is with most people, where the time went was anyone’s guess. We were about to leave a decade behind us and face the possibilities of a new one, even though so much hadn’t been accomplished and so many issues were still left to be resolved. No clean breaks, not even with the 70s. It was a busy day, as reported by The CBS World News Roundup with additional reports from Newsbreak and the CBS Radio Hourly news.

Happy New Year.

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