Gong – Live In Bremen 1974 – Nights At The Roundtable: Concert Edition

Let's just Om here a taste, shall we?
Let’s just Om here a taste, shall we?

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Gong – live at the Aula der Oberpostdirektion, Bremen – 1974 – NWR-Bremen

Gong were (and still are, by all accounts) one of the more eclectic bands to come out of the Prog scene of the early 70s. And considering there was no shortage of eclectic Prog bands during that time, it speaks volumes about the sheer loopiness, but intricate complexities Gong mixed with such ease.

Founded by former Soft Machine member Daevid Allen (who was on Soft Machine One, but left after), and hosting a veritable revolving door of Prog greats (Steve Hillage was a long-time member before going solo, as was Bill Bruford after he left Yes), Gong was one of the cornerstones of the Progressive Movement. Not with the huge commercial success of say, Genesis or Van der Graaf Generator, they had an enormous cult following throughout the world, and were considered by many to be a musicians band. Once you got around some of the cartoonish aspects (i.e. Pothead Pixies, Octave Doctors, Zero the Hero), they were a hardcore band with massive amounts of technical virtuosity.

This concert, their first in Germany, from 1974 come around the time of You, their sixth release and their third for the newly formed Virgin Records.

If you’re a fan of Prog, this will be treat. It’s a great sounding concert which was recorded by Northwest German Radio (Radio Bremen). If you aren’t familiar with Gong, this will be a good starting point to discover more.

In any event – a nice way to start off a new year. Crazy and hopeful, all at the same time.

Play very loud.

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