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Paul Le Flem - World War 1 put an extended hiatus on his composing.
Paul Le FlemWorld War 1 put an extended hiatus on his composing.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Paul Le Flem – Adagio – Paris Conservatory Orch. Andrè Cluytens, cond, – 1949 Besançon Festival – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Back over to France this week for the first performance of a work by French-Breton composer Paul Le Flem. His Adagio, written in 1943 and given its first performance during the 1949 Besançon Festival with the Paris Conservatory Orchestra conducted by André Cluytens.

As a result of World War 1, Le Flem put composition on hiatus, instead becoming a music Critic and Choral conductor, until just before the start of World War 2, where he resumed his activities.

This performance of the Adagio, not only being the first performance, appears to not have any commercial recordings. So presumably, this is the only known recording of this sprawling and evocative work.

Apologies for the sound quality in spots – rare and damaged is a bad combinations.

But enjoy anyway.

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  1. Many thanks Gordon for that post under the fantastic Cluytens. Paul le Flem died at 103 years old, and composed major works at advanced age such as his 4th symphony (1971-4}. I never heard of that work “Adagio et Ronde des Fees” written in 1943…….

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