Alphons Diepenbrock - not a household name, but should be (IMHO).

Netherlands Radio Symphony Play Music Of Diepenbrock And Tchaikovsky – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Alphons Diepenbrock - not a household name, but should be (IMHO).

Alphons Diepenbrock – not a household name, but should be (IMHO).

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Netherlands Radio Symphony – Carlos Miguel Prieto, cond. December 4, 2005 – VPRO

Over to Hilversum this week for a 2005 concert by the Netherlands Radio Symphony, conducted by Carlos Miguel Prieto in music by Alphons Diepenbrock and Tchaikovsky.

Alphons Diepenbrock isn’t a particularly well known name around concert halls in the U.S. – but he was a prolific composer who was also a contemporary of Gustav Mahler (which explains why much of his work has a certain Mahler feel to it). He’s been getting a reassessment around Europe, and his 150th birthday in 2012 was cause for celebration and much of his works were performed and recorded, particularly in his native Netherlands.

This week it’s Lydian Night; a sumptuous landscape completed in 1913 and premiered by Diepenbrock and the Concertgebouw on January 22, 1914.

if you aren’t familiar with the work of Alphons Diepenbrock, this should be a good place to start.

And the second work on the concert is a familiar one – Tchaikovsky’s Symphony Number 5.

A little over 70 minutes with something familiar and something not so familiar.

It’s the middle of the week after all. Enjoy

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  1. fremaux123 says:

    Alphons Diepenbrock is definitely an important composer, thanks for this post