Big Audio Dynamite - the big mash-up of the 80s.
Big Audio Dynamite – the big mash-up of the 80s.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Big Audio Dynamite – Live in Bradford, 1988 – BBC 6 Music

Exiting his tenure with The Clash, co-founder Mick Jones was busy putting together another chapter in a highly influential musical career. First forming the short-lived T.R.A.C. (The Risk Action Company) he finally got together with former film director (and my old boss) Don Letts along with former TRAC bass player Leo Williams, drummer Greg Roberts and keyboardist Dan Donovan and B.A.D. (Big Audio Dynamite) was formed.

It was the perfect mash-up of Punk, post-Punk and Alternative Dance and became an instant hit. Sadly, that version of the band would only last until 1990, when personnel changes eventually gave birth to Big Audio Dynamite II and then Big Audio and finally a series of reunions and one-offs.

But this concert comes during their heyday in 1988. Recorded by the venerable BBC 6 Music in Bradford, it features the original lineup and all the energy that made they what they were; one of the more popular bands to come out of that mid-80s period where mashups of styles seemed like the perfect thing to do.

And they did – and it worked.

Play loud.

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