Legendary Collaboration.
Legendary Collaboration.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio PlayerJohn Coltrane-Miles Davis – live at Cafe Bohemia – May 17, 1958

So much has been written about the legendary collaborations between John Coltrane and Miles Davis that very little, if anything is left to be uncovered. Box sets have been issued, libraries and archives have been pored over in search of any spare inch of unheard tape featuring these two icons together. Everything is out there for all the world to listen to and learn from.

And yet, things still keep popping up; some broadcast surfaces, some interview gets discovered and it signals to every collector that all has not been unearthed, there are still plenty of lost treasures left to go.

And so this broadcast (or much of it) was unearthed recently. One of a series of broadcasts featuring John Coltrane and Miles Davis, along with Paul Chambers, Philly Joe Jones and Bill Evans to complete the ensemble. It was recorded on May 17, 1958 from the Cafe Bohemia. The music portion is mostly complete while the broadcast itself isn’t. The important thing is the sound is excellent and it serves the cause of history well. No excuses to make here.

Sit back and enjoy.

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