Graham Parker - a blue-collar image that proved influential.
Graham Parker – a blue-collar image that clicked.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Graham Parker – Live At Hammersmith Odeon – 1982 – BBC Radio 1

After a number of notable but unsuccessful years fronting The Rumor, Graham Parker quit the band and went solo. It was then his fortunes changed and he achieved the success in the 80s which had eluded him in the 70s.

An influential musician from the start, Parker’s blue-collar image was very popular with Punk and New Wave audiences. And even early on he gathered considerable critical acclaim, it just didn’t translate to album sales.

But by the time of this concert on April 21, 1982, Parker was enjoying a great deal of success. His 1980 album The Up Escalator was his highest charting album and featured production by Jimmy Iovine with guest vocals by Bruce Springsteen. His follow up album, Another Grey Area had just been released and was being heavily supported by his label. Joining Parker on this concert are long-time collaborators Brinsely Schwarz on guitar George Small on keyboards and Kevin Jenkins bass with Michael Brown on drums.

Parker is still gigging around and still recording. The Rumor reunited in 2011 and recorded an album together in 2012.

Things are still popping along.

Play loud – you survived Monday.

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