The Who - never before and never since.
The Who – never before and not since.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – The Who in Session at The BBC- Sept. 13, 1966 – BBC Radio 1

Difficult to imagine what the Music world would have been like had there never been The Who. Hearing them for the first time in Lewin’s Record Paradise on Hollywood Boulevard as a teenager, the store owner gave me a knowing wink and said “you might like this”. He put on I Can’t Explain and my eyes got large. It spoke to me in a way most bands up to that time didn’t. The raw energy fairly exploded off the turntable. I never heard anyone quite like that before.

And that started a full-blown loyalty to a band who became mythic figures almost overnight. Smashing instruments on stage, a possessed drummer – it was everything a 15 year old could want. They were my people.

So running across this session from The BBC via Top Of The Pops, recorded on September 13, 1966, it brought back a flood of those memories, hearing them for the first time – just how unique and innovative they were. What an overwhelming experience it was.

They’ve become such icons and household names by now that it’s impossible to imagine what everything sounded like before they arrived – and like the title of the song, I can’t explain just how they turned everything around in the time it took to spin a 45.

In addition to three legendary songs is a short interview with Pete Townsend where he talks about their new single “I’m A Boy“.

Good times, just begging to be played beyond loud.

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