Deep Purple - an ode to some mid-week head-banging.
Deep Purple – an ode to some mid-week head-banging.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Deep Purple In Concert for John Peel – February 22, 1970 – BBC Radio 1

I think the last time I posted any Deep Purple it was by way of a tribute to the passing of the much appreciated, sadly lamented Jon Lord almost three years ago.

I forget what an insanely popular band Deep Purple were in the early 70s. They were the staple of every FM-Underground station in the U.S. and, along with Led Zeppelin, were go-to bands where a dose of head-banging hard rock were needed.

So as a reminder of just what everyone was listening to in the early 70s, here is a concert, presented by John Peel for BBC Radio 1 on February 22, 1970.

They are about two years away from the release of their iconic Smoke On The Water – the song with the claim to fame of having the most recognizable riff in Rock. That was in 1972. Still, in 1970 they were building an audience and getting a serious reputation.

Crank this one up – you’re now over the hump.

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