Releasing The Lion Of Kashmir – January 21, 1958

Sheikh Abdullah - overthrown Prime Minister  of Kashmir - heading towards a conspiracy.

Sheikh Abdullah – overthrown Prime Minister of Kashmir – heading towards a conspiracy.

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On this January 21st in 1958, news was about the release from a 4 1/2 year jail sentence of former Prime Minister of Kashmir, Sheikh Abdullah, known as The Lion of Kashmir was arrested in 1953 by his deputy Premier and never given a trial. On the 14th of January he was given an unconditional release from house arrest and immediately went about demanding a plebiscite, as had the United Nations, to decide whether Kashmir wanted to belong to India, Pakistan or be independent. Ever since India was granted independence from Britain, Kashmir was caught in a twilight zone; partly belonging to India, partly belonging to Pakistan and all of it carved up over uneasy truce lines.

A former friend to India, upon his release Abdullah pledged a fight for independence and it has stirred up a simmering pot of resentment and potential violence between Hindus and Muslims.

And the situation was only getting started.

All that, and news of the appointment of former Secretary of State Dean Acheson under President Truman was now appointed Senior Adviser for Foreign Affairs for the Democratic Party.

It all happened on January 21st 1958, as reported by Bob Green and the News.

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