Rose Kennedy (July 22, 1890-January 22, 1995) - saw more than her fair share of triumphs and tragedies.
Rose Kennedy (July 22, 1890-January 22, 1995) – saw more than her fair share of triumphs and tragedies.

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January 22, 1995 – a day with across-the-board hostilities, of the physical and emotional kind, and the announcement of the death of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 104 year-old Matriarch of the Kennedy Political dynasty at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port Massachusetts.

The hostilities ranged from two terrorist attacks in Israel, which killed some 19 and injured more than 60 others all the way over to anticipation of hostilities from a Republican controlled House over the upcoming State of The Union address by President Clinton.

The terrorist attacks took place at a bus stop popular with Israeli soldiers. The two bombs, set to go off within minutes of each other, created a scene of havoc and carnage. It prompted Israel to seal off its borders between the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The actions were reported to have been carried out by an extremist group, and was condemned by the PLO, who said it was an attempt to derail peace negotiations.

The upcoming State of The Union message was expected to be a volatile affair, with Democrats now in the minority and stepped-up allegations of impropriety on the part of House Speaker Newt Gingrich, President Clinton was expected to receive little or no enthusiasm, and some downright derision, for his report to the Nation. The tense situation on Capitol Hill brought some observers to recall similar SOTUS skirmishes during the administrations of Reagan and Nixon. A reminder that some things, when it comes to politics, will never-ever change.

Meanwhile, Japan was continuing its aid efforts to those left homeless from the previous week’s earthquake in Kobe. Housing and shelter was the big issue and the government was taking steps to insure relief efforts were going smoothly. So far, most of the electricity was back on as well as running water.

And the Spiked Heel was now making a comeback in 90s fashion. It was hailed by designers as new and bold . . .but health-wise, was another story.

Welcome to the 90s.

And that’s a very small slice of what went on this January 22nd in 1995 as reported by NPR‘s Weekend All Things Considered.

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