Simple songs for complicated people.
Simple songs for complicated people.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Harry Nilsson, in session at the BBC – 1971 – BBC Radio 1

Twenty-one years ago this month (January 15th 1994, to be exact) since Harry Nilsson left us. A remarkable talent and a notorious party-animal, Harry Nilsson was one of the most gifted and versatile singer-songwriters of his generation. He left behind a rich legacy of great work, a lot of memorable albums – but not that many live performances.

And so this one, a session done for the BBC┬áin 1971 features just Nilsson and a piano (guitar on 1941, the last track), recorded on several occasions and presented as one “session”. It’s a rich glimpse into the fascinating world of Harry Nilsson.

But it’s short – a little over 15 minutes in which a tantalizing introduction is offered, especially for those of you not familiar with him.

But a little bit is better than nothing at all. And so a fitting end to a crazy week with Harry Nilsson taking it all down a few decibels.


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