Manuel Rosenthal And The Symphony Orchestra Of French Radio Play Music Of Koechlin – 1957 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

Charles Koechlin -  Ahead of his time.
Charles Koechlin – Ahead of his time.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Koechlin: Nuit de Walpurgis – French Radio Orch. Manuel Rosenthal, Cond. – 1957 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection.

Music of the great late 19th/early 20th Century French composer Charles Koechlin tonight. His Nuit de Walpurgis for Orchestra, composed around 1901. Koechlin has been vastly under appreciated and certainly overlooked in recent years. His innovative style and approach to music have been milestones and game changers for a number of his contemporaries – yet he is not often given credit for his pioneering approach and his revolutionary style.

Undoubtedly not the first time – and certainly won’t be the last.

From a broadcast concert via French Radio in, as best guess estimate puts it, 1957. Featuring the legendary Manuel Rosenthal leading the French Radio Symphony Orchestra.

The transcription discs were a little banged up, but the sound comes through and the performance is memorable.

It all works out – give it a listen.

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4 thoughts on “Manuel Rosenthal And The Symphony Orchestra Of French Radio Play Music Of Koechlin – 1957 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

  1. Koechlin left a big production…….but unfortunately so little is still performed: a real pity as he was a master of orchestration and somehow innovative. Thanks Gordon once more for this rarity, allowing us to discover this piece !!!!

    1. Thank you so much, as always! I will be posting more Koechlin soon. Yes, it is a pity not more of his work is performed. But we say that about so many composers. We really do need more adventure in the concert hall. Sadly, I don’t know when that will happen.

  2. Yes you are right Gordon……I have been premiering some 500 works so far, not only contemporary pieces……but I must say that the late drastic funding cuts are going into the opposite direction….a real pity.

    1. It’s a problem all over the world. One of the good things about the Internet is the ability to reach so many people in so many remote places all at once. It’s up to people like yourself to keep spreading the word on these pieces, to keep the awareness of them. I do what I can. It would be wonderful if the radio organizations around the world would dig into their archives and make these seldom heard pieces available on their programs more often. That will never happen in the U.S. – perhaps France Musique can start running a series on neglected American Music.

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